Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Vet Choice?

    PetIQ and PetSmart have partnered together to create Vet Choice, a brand dedicated to crafting superior products for pets. Vet Choice offers treats that provide the same level of quality that veterinarians recommend, at a price that consumers can afford.

  • What are Vet Choice Hip and Joint Chews?

    Vet Choice’s Hip and Joint chews contain a vet recommended formula that supports cartilage, lubricates sore joints, and improves mobility, allowing your dog to live a fuller life. Vet Choice’s Hip and Joint Chews are also available for small and senior dogs.

  • What are Vet Choice Pill Treats?

    It’s even easier to administer medication to your dog with vet recommended Vet Choice Pill Treats. The soft, peanut butter-flavored treats feature a hollow center to easily hide a capsule or tablet inside.

  • What are Vet Choice Skin and Coat Chews?

    Formulated with omega-3 fatty acids, Vet Choice’s Skin and Coat treats promote soft skin, a shiny coat, and a healthy heart. These vet recommended treats are also available for small dogs.

  • Where are Vet Choice products made?

    Vet Choice products are manufactured right here in the United States with high quality ingredients.

  • Where can I buy Vet Choice products?

    Visit the Where to Buy page to find a store near you.